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What are digital assets?

When the term originated in the mid-90s, “digital assets” were items such as videos, images, audio, and documentation... Since then, technological advances and the birth of cryptos have given the words a whole new life.

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A brief look at the AlphaPoint token ecosystem

AlphaPoint’s tokenization platform is one of a select few that offer both primary issuance and secondary trading solutions to clients. The firm continues to develop its all-inclusive token ecosystem with the final goal to create unmatched enterprise-grade software...

What’s the difference between an ICO and an STO?

STOs and ICOs are both fundraising methods where capital is raised in return for a digital asset. In 2018, ICOs raised nearly $8 billion… But now they raise about 58 times less, and the STO has emerged. So far, 64 STOs have raised a total of $1 billion. In Q1 of 2019 alone, STOs saw a 130% increase. Learn the difference between the two...

Tokenization, explained

Can a tokenized economy actually become a reality? Signs suggest an industry is emerging, and the potential of tokenization is now being widely recognized. We’re seeing the tokenization of such things as wine, chickens, eggs… and even a rare metal called palladium. A token economy would give a large boost to the global financial system. Here’s what it all means.

This Quiet Tech Revolution Could 100x Your Money

  • How investors are seeing 100x+ gains on a rapidly-developing tech opportunity
  • Everything you need to know to potentially secure a small fortune from this opportunity

STOs, the path to cryptocurrency mass adoption?

Since the first initial coin offering (ICO) was held in July 2013, ICOs have raised an astounding $10 billion. But the days of the ICO are over... Too many people think of them as scams. Yet companies still need to raise money. Enter the STO—a way to raise money that has the potential to be far more secure, and, for the first time, legally open to the big players: institutional investors.

Vitalik takes on Roubini in Seoul to defend crypto’s offer of anonymity and social change

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and renowned crypto skeptic Nouriel Roubini went head to head at the Deconomy Conference in South Korea in front of over 1,000 people to discuss the true value of digital assets. For those who weren’t fortunate enough to be present, here are the key points of debate at the much-awaited event, including whether crypto can really bypass governments… or be truly decentralized.

Digital securities: Crossing the chasm

In financial markets, the early stage investors are sophisticated enough to be able to take significant risk for large rewards… and wealthy enough to be able to meet high minimum investments associated with private markets. Ultimately, the capital markets want to broaden participation to benefit smaller investors and smaller cap companies.

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