Tokenized share exchange MERJ lists its own security token

MERJ is a recently launched exchange, clearing agency, and registry in full compliance with the Seychelles Financial Services Authority. It announced the official listing of its own tokenized security… and is in discussion with several companies planning to list their tokenized shares on its exchange.

Facebook’s Libra: It’s not the “crypto” that’s the issue, it’s the organization behind it

Libra is being hyped as “Facebook’s bitcoin,” but it’s really a proposal for a global payments system controlled by a small and exclusive club of private firms. Politicians and regulators have attacked Libra, citing concerns about it being a cryptocurrency… But it’s essentially a prepaid digital token, “minted” when people put up state-issued currencies to buy it.

Coinbase-backed Securitize issues token representing a financial newsletter business

Securitize, a firm that enables the issuance and management digital securities, announced its tenth on-chain digital asset: Curzio Equity Owners (CEO). The token represents an equity stake in our investment research publishing firm, Curzio Research. We’re not alone… In the past quarter, Securitize forged partnerships with 17 companies to securitize their assets, with details forthcoming.

Overstock’s tZERO launches crypto app for android devices

In addition to buying, selling, sending, receiving, and storing cryptocoins, tZERO Crypto App comes with biometric authentication for added security and ease of use. There are also plans for a private key recovery system to allow users to restore their assets in the event that they lose their private keys or mobile phone.

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Coinbase added 8 million new users in the past year

Coinbase added about eight million new users in the past year… and the number of users on the crypto exchange is now over 30 million to date, with over $150 billion traded in cryptocurrency. Founded in June 2012, Coinbase is one of the most popular crypto exchanges globally, with adjusted trading volume of around $350 million.

Coinbase CEO wants firm to move beyond trading in the next five years

Coinbase is a major American crypto exchange and wallet service… And its CEO has a vision of a more universal entity driving adoption to crypto. Coinbase’s future mission is to help grow the global crypto economy by connecting people in the market and expanding crypto community to help people use cryptocurrencies for more than just buying and selling.

Multiple security token offerings have exceeded expectations

STOs are regulated and monitored, so while they may resemble ICOs on the surface, they remain fundamentally different. The STO sector has been recognized by many as a growing trend… And qualified investors are being greeted with fantastic opportunities that would not have been made available in the past. Here are some companies that recently stepped up to the STO plate.

Fidelity’s crypto wing seeks NY state trust license

Fidelity’s cryptocurrency investment arm—Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS)—filed an application with the New York Department of Financial Service to be allowed to offer crypto-custodial services in the state. The approval would also allow FDAS to compete with the likes of Coinbase, Gemini and Paxos… and could mean mass crypto adoption is on the way.

What’s the difference between an ICO and an STO?

STOs and ICOs are both fundraising methods where capital is raised in return for a digital asset. In 2018, ICOs raised nearly $8 billion… But now they raise about 58 times less, and the STO has emerged. So far, 64 STOs have raised a total of $1 billion. In Q1 of 2019 alone, STOs saw a 130% increase. Learn the difference between the two...

Fed Chair Powell said WHAT?

Leave it to the head of the printing press to talk about value… Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testified before the Senate Banking committee on July 11. In a statement that will make gold bugs crazy and crypto enthusiasts cheer, Powell compared Bitcoin to gold. He also shared what he thinks may be the future of U.S. currencies...