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Not your granddad’s dividend

With a groundbreaking digital dividend, blockchain trailblazer is driving existing shareholders to its new trading platform… offering individual investors revolutionary opportunities over a blockchain-based systems.

Fed Chair Powell said WHAT?

Leave it to the head of the printing press to talk about value… Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testified before the Senate Banking committee on July 11. In a statement that will make gold bugs crazy and crypto enthusiasts cheer, Powell compared Bitcoin to gold. He also shared what he thinks may be the future of U.S. currencies...
Old-school billionaire invests in crypto, others sure to follow

Old-school billionaire invests in crypto, others sure to follow

You’re always going to notice the big money players who vilify crypto. After all, it makes for good headlines and clickbait. But one lesser known, old-school billionaire has quietly invested in a cryptocurrency fund… blazing a trail others are sure to follow. You’ll want to get some exposure to this space before the institutional money pours in…

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