What brought psychologists, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, politicians, human rights activists, billionaire investors, and freedom enthusiasts together in one place?

The Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami Beach, FL.   

This year’s event (April 6–9) was the largest in Bitcoin history (so far), attracting over 25,000 attendees. 

Below, I’ve highlighted three of the most informative conference presentations. They tackle some of the biggest macro issues on everyone’s mind… like Bitcoin adoption, energy usage, and the psychology behind “Bitcoiners.” 

No. 1: “Why the future is bright for Bitcoin”

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy (MSTR)—the first publicly traded company to hold Bitcoin on its balance sheet—and Cathie Wood of Ark Invest discussed why Bitcoin is sound money… and why payment protocols like The Lightning Network are important.

No. 2: “Jordan Peterson fireside chat”

Psychologist and political commentator Jordan Peterson applauded the capitalist spirit behind “Bitcoiners” and why he believes Bitcoin is good for the masses

No. 3: “You are the carbon they want to reduce” 

For those of you concerned about Bitcoin’s energy usage, check out this incredible panel on Bitcoin mining, where professional miners fought back against misinformation surrounding Bitcoin’s carbon footprint.

More from the conference

Other panels at the event centered on the necessity of crypto regulations for the masses to enter the space… Why Bitcoin is a better store of value than gold… And why it’s a better means of exchange than fiat currency.

Other noteworthy speakers and attendees included Strike founder/CEO Jack Mallers, Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis (R), NFL quarterback Aaron Rogers, and venture capitalist and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary.

Here’s a great recap of the entire conference.

It’s no longer a matter of whether Bitcoin will succeed… but what impact it will have on the global financial system as its adoption spreads worldwide.

Daniel Creech
Daniel Creech is a Curzio Research analyst with over a decade of experience. He writes on macro trends, large- and small-cap stocks, and digital securities. He’s a regular contributor to Token Tracker, Curzio Research Advisory, and The Dollar Stock Club.

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